This online learning program is for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants who want to learn more about how to safely prepare compliance packages. The program will introduce medication safety principles and concepts specifically applicable to compliance packaging and will examine the potential for medication errors associated with compliance packaging and system based strategies for prevention. 


The Canadian Council on Continuing Education in Pharmacy (CCCEP) has accredited this program for 3 CEUs for both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians; CCCEP # 1231-2020-3116-I-Z. 


After completing this course you will be able to: 

  1. Differentiate between patients who would and would not benefit from compliance packaging; 
  2. Describe the steps involved in initiating compliance packaging for a patient; 
  3. Compare and contrast the different types of packaging available; 
  4. Understand the types of errors that can occur with the different steps in compliance packaging preparation; 
  5. Identify critical intervention points to prevent errors; 
  6. Understand the roles of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants in dispensing compliance packages; and 
  7. Examine your current workplace, and implement process changes to minimize the likelihood of medication errors when dispensing compliance packs 

Who should take this program?
Pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, and pharmacy assistants who want to learn more about how to safely prepare compliance packages. 

What modules are included? 

  1. Introduction to Medication Safety 
  2. Patient Selection and Initiation of Compliance Packaging 
  3. Overview of Regulatory Requirements for Compliance Packaging 
  4. Preparing Compliance Packages Safely 
  5. Environmental Factors 
  6. Central Fill 

Each module is 10-20 minutes in length - modules can be completed all at once or one at a time. To obtain a statement of completion and continuing education units, completion of the course test and evaluation is required. The program includes links to guidance from pharmacy regulatory authorities across Canada, where available. 

Program cost: $225 + applicable taxes 

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(Note: If you have previously completed this e-learning module and would like to complete the updated version, please contact for a reduced cost of $50. Please also email your previous statement of completion)